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Joren helps you to convert your website into a native app, and we help distributing your app to your fans.

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Native apps are much faster and more efficient than web apps. An easy console page will let you make your app fabulous!

There are things you can only have with an app.

Push notification is a big feature of Native app. Reach out to your fan when you need. We offer you optimized themes for mobile apps. The best user experience can be delivered to your fans.

All of you have a right to have your own app!


No resources? It's okay, Joren does all the work for you. No need for hiring engineers or designers. Anyone can build your app without coding!


Immediately build your app. You experience whole process till app submission. Your app is in your hand within a day!


How much does it cost to build your app? No cost of building an app.

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Joren Collection

Introducing a selection of Joren's "good-looking" apps.

Media / Publication App

An example of template for owned-media consisted with articles submissions.

"App Ape Laboratory" is a specialised media which delivers mobile app market's trends and insights.

Artist / Entertainer App

An example of template for musicians and artists.

An entertainment band features "Science" with the costume of white gown. Their activity is based in Japan "Tsukuba Science City."

Event / Festival App

An example of our template for event planners and organizers.

A Japanese cultural festival held every summer since 2009 in San Francisco, introduces the latest Japanese niche subcultures.

More themes are coming soon!

5 significant features of Joren


Variety of Design Themes which will fit into your business type.

Push Notification

Sending push notifications to your fans. Now, fans will not forget about you with frequent reminders!


Learn more about your fans from stats and analytics.

Contents Manager

You have a power to chose visibility of your contents. Flexible customization is available.


You have an option to choose self-publishing of your app, or let Joren help you to publish!

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